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 (price not including any hardware and networking)

  Application Hosting (price per user per month)
Server and data are placed in our data centre. You do not need to purchase server and server software. All client computers must connected to the Internet. All price include e-mail and remote support. Minimum 6 months contract period, 6 months prepayment and 4GB database size limit.
3-4 users HK$180
5-9 users HK$160
10-19 users HK$130
20+ users HK$98
e.g. price for 6 users per month HK$960 per month
  Purchase License (price per user)
Server and data are placed at your office. You must have a server with server software installed. All price include one year e-mail, remote, on-site local support and on-site training. Minimum purchase of 5 clients is required.
5-9 users HK$4,800
10-19 users HK$3,840
20-49 users HK$2,880
50-79 users HK$2,400
80+ users Negotiable
e.g. price for 1 server and 10 users HK$38,400
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