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  Can you modify or tailor your program to suit our special needs?
  Yes! We can modify our system to suit special needs of customers.
  Is GTMain ERP a web-based program?
  No. GTMain ERP use smart client to operate. It connects through Internet to application server. The reason of using smart client is because of the efficiency and capability. For instance, people use messenger cleint and seldom use web-based client.
  Can GTMain ERP connect to our web-system?
  Yes! We can develop import, export or API program to handle data import and export with your web-system.
  Do you have trial version?
  Yes. Please visit registration. we have server in Hong Kong and shall provide servers in China shortly.
  We types of customers do you have?
  Our customers come from a wide ranges of businesses and industries. Some are from retail, wholesales, import and export, trading, manufacturing and professional services etc. Some are small and medium companies and some are multinational enterprises.
  Can we rent your application and purchase later?
  Yes. The data you use during the rental period can be export to your purchased system.
  Do you provide on-site training for rental customers?
  Rental customers have to go to our office to take the training course or have to pay for on-site training.
  I have installed an old version. I cannot update to the new version.
  Under normal circumstances, user do not need to uninstall our client before upgrade. If there is a problem during upgrade, please uninstall the client using "add and remove program" function of the "control panel".
  During software upgrade, an error is encountered: "System.Windows.Form.Control.set_ImeModeBase"
  Please perform your Windows Update. The system requires .NET 3.5SP.
   Table Maintenance
  When I create something, such as currency, I can delete it but sometime cannot?
  If a subject is created but has not been used by other subject, it can be removed. The subject cannot be removed if it has been used by other subject. For instance, if a currency has been used in a quotation then the currency cannot be removed.
  Can we use a sales order to deliver goods to customer in multiple shipments and create an invoice for the multiple shipments
  Can we setup a deposit amount in sales order and the order cannot be shipped before the deposit is received.
  Yes, we can handle such constrain.
  When I input password incorrectly for several time but I input correctly afterwords. Why I cannot login?
  If you input password incorrectly consecutively for five times. The system would stop handling your login request for three minutes. Please wait for three minutes patiently.
  If we purchase your system, can we limit which IP can login?
  Yes. You can setup your own whitelist to allow and a blacklist to reject IPs.
   Data Backup
  Do you backup data for rental customers
  Yes. We backup data for rental customers daily and keep the latest seven copies.


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