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Features Highlight
  Multi-Level Branch Concept
    Branch Item Price
    Branch User-Definable Document Layout
  Branch Accounting Ledger A/C usage, Voucher usage
  Branch Security to control Customer and respective Document access right
  Consolidation of Accounting Reports, Sales Reports and Purchase Reports, Stock Ledgers
  User-Definable Document Layout
  Layouts of Sales Documents: Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Invoice
  Layouts of Purchase Documents: Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Purchase Receive
  Layouts of Accounting Vouchers and Reports: all pre-defined vouchers and User-definable vouchers, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss A/C, Customer Statement, Vendor Statement
  Inheritable and overridable by sub-branch from its parent branch
   User-Definable Accounting Voucher Type
  Default Ledger A/Cs
  Limit to particular Branch
  Limit to particular User-Group
   Item Price Table
  Limit Item Price for particular Currency
  Limit Item Price for particular Item Unit
  Limit Item Price for particular Branch
  Effective Date
  Composition of Item Price from Cost, Handling Charge, Freight, Insurance, and calculation from pre-defined GP%
  Minimal Order Quantity and Incremental Order Quantity
   Document Repository
  Sales Documents
  Purchase Documents
  Account Documents
   Full Record update history
   Currency Table
  Bi-directional conversion
  Effective Date
   User-Definable Document Approval
  Sales Documents
  Purchase Documents
  Accounting Vouchers
  Document without complete Approval will have limited action
   Warehouse and Storage Location
  Multiple Warehouses for each Branch
  Multi-Level Storage Locations
   Sales Handling
  Sales Item Queuing
  Back-to-Back linkage from Sales Order Item to Purchase Order Item
  Modifiable Bundle Quantity in Quotation and Sales Order
   Multiple Lingual
  Unicode in all text field
  User can select UI language during Sign-In
   Automatic download of new version of GTMain Client Application
   Enhanced Security
  Database access is guarded by application server (end-user cannot access to database server directly and there is no system password stored remotely)
  Database is not exposed to the Internet to avoid the possibility of unauthorized access
  Data passing between client and server are protected by SSL encryption
  User security control based on branch offices and item categories
  Incomplete transaction (due to client or network interruption) would not be saved


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