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GTMain ERP is an integrated business and industrial application software aiming for trading, import and export, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, production SME companies. Functions of GTMain ERP include sales, purchase, material requirement, production, production line, bills of materials, warehouse and accounting. Features including multiple warehouse, lot management, remote login, multiple language support, multiple branches, time dependent exchange rate and time dependent prices table and mulitple security control.

Keeping pace with the advancement of technology, we are delivering a solution to facilitate you to manage your business anywhere in the world.

By hosting our business application and database system in your office or data-centre, you can access all vital information using secured Internet access at your office, at China plants, at your home or anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

at Office   at China Plant   at Flight
at H.K. office   at China Plant   at anywhere
receive orders, checking stock availabilities, monitoring ordering processes   receiving and dispatching stocks, updating engineering information, controlling manufacturing process   approving orders, reading sales performances of different branches and individual sales persons

GTMain is an integrated business solution for your company’s sales, buying, and shipping, warehouse, manufacturing, accounting and supporting offices. GTMain delivers strong features to facilitate the management and control of users’ access and securities, internal and external documents, order processing, stocks, accounting and inter-departmental affairs.

Sales Purchase Stock Repository
quotation, sales order, invoice, back-to-back orders, multiple delivery schedule, partial shipment, deposit handling, bundled items purchase request, purchase order, purchase receive, back-to-back orders, partial shipment, prepayment handling receive, dispatch, transfer,  multiple warehouse, stock location, batch and stock queue, stock forecast, stock ledger Attach PDF, fax, e-mail, pictures, videos, in related customers, vendors and orders or vouchers
Account Security Extra Security GTMain Application
receivables, payables, general, balance sheet, profit and loss, multiple currency, time-dependent exchange rates, reports for individual branch users and group login security control, support multiple branches with different security controls and prices. user definable document approvals, data encrypted between client and server, extended secured login control 3 tier model, smart remote client, multi-language, document exportable to popular formats, user definable report format

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